Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday's Mail Day

Monday was a wonderful day for mail. I received a long awaited package from the UK from a friend on Brick Set.  It included a gift for out 7 week old son and the Limo Helicopter set #3222.  The other package came from Plastic Bricks Direct.  It included a ton of parts for the passenger car portion of Holiday Set #10173.

Two partially build passenger cars for #10173.
There still are some key pieces I need for the passenger cars including the slopes for the roof and frames for the windows.  I created an excel spreadsheet to track my progress and cost per car.  I currently have 59% of the pieces for one car. I also have a PDF of the parts needed for the car.  I can send it to anyone who would like to help out. I am willing to trade anything on my BrickLink store.

Ultimately I would love to have three passenger cars attached to the little engine.  Hopefully by the time Brick Cascade rolls around I am able to have it up and running.  I would like to have a Christmas/Winter Village set up for it.

Instruction booklet from #3222. I look forward to building this after Christmas.
Unfortunately I will be slowing down with LEGO for right now.  I need to be studying and passing some of my CPA exams.


P.S. when shopping on Amazon, please click on the image below first. A percentage of your purchase will be kicked back to Sport Bricks. I appreciate your help in supporting my LEGO Hobby/Addiction :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Great Mail Day From BrickLink

Today I received two packages in the mail. Both came from BrickLink, one trade, one purchase.

The haul contained pieces I am seeking in order to recreate set 10173 Holiday Train. I got 4 Train Plates, 18 Train Wheel Sets, 4 red Train Baseplates (6x28), and 9 middle pieces (for the train middle section). Although the set only calls for 2 6x28 pieces, I will be using the two extras to make two additional passenger cars.

Tomorrow I should be getting about 40% of the pieces to build the passenger car from Plastic Bricks Direct. In addition to the passenger car parts, all the train boogies are coming plus 4 extras for the extra cars I want to build.

I've been scanning the Eurobricks forums looking to see how people have motorized their trains using power functions. I'll post my research and method once the time comes.

Just wanted to give a shout out to the two stores I bought/traded with: Blackrock's Blocks and Thorz BrikTopia.

Look forward to more posts as orders come in. For now enjoy the picture with today's loot!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthday and Brick Friday Loot

Happy Brick Friday everyone!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I got some wonderful birthday gifts, #4437 Police Pursuit and #3661 Bank & Money Transfer.  

After eating some turkey and getting the kids down, I waiting in line at the Tigard, OR LEGO Store for 40 minutes.  I had two targets, the new Police Heavy Lift Helicopter and the recently marked down Emerald Night.  It went great once I got into the store, I grabbed both sets and was first in line to check out.  On my pull tab, I got a 20% discount!  With the $15 of VIP point redemption, it only cost $85 for an Emerald Night and Heavy Lift Helicopter.

With the purchases I also got the #2 Christmas Set and a PAB box for free.  I have the Winter Post Office coming in the mail tomorrow along with some Duplo sets for my sons and their friend's birthday.  I will have a #2 Christmas Set coming with that one as well.

Loot from Brick Friday and my Birthday :)

Overall it was a great experience.  Now I am trying to map out what to get now or wait till the Boxing Day sales with the discontinued sets.

I'd love to hear other people's experiences!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sales and Deals at Fred Meyer (Pacific Northwest)

Grievous' Starfighter is currently 28% off
at Fred Meyer through 11/19/2011
Hello Everyone!

From November 13th through November 19th, Fred Meyer has a few LEGO sets on sale.  First and foremost, there is a coupon for 10% off of all toys.  It is under the "Home" section of the ad and can be grabbed in store at the entry.  It stacks with the other deals as well.

Sets on Sale

  • City Advent Calendar $29.99
  • Star Wars Bounty Hunter Gunship and Grievous Starfighter $39.99
  • Star Wars Battle Packs (Clone Trooper, Mandalorian, Snowtrooper, and Hoth Trooper) $8.99
  • Star Wars Ewok Attack and Battle of Naboo $19.99
Again, each one of these deals stacks with the 10% off bonus coupon.  Discounts off of MSRP range from 20% - 30%.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Updated Christmas Layout

I filled up another cup of white bricks and plates at the LEGO store in Washington Square today and was able to build the Winter Toy Shop tonight. The finishing touches of my Christmas Village will be made after Black Friday when I pick up the Winter Post Office. I should be good to go on white bricks and plates now as well.

The pick-a-brick wall at the LEGO store had a great selection of white plates, 6x8, 4x8, and 4x6 plates were all available. This allowed me to lay a very good foundation for the Christmas Village.

I've also added some Collectible Minifigures to the village. There is a Skier, Female and Male Snowboarders, Hockey Player, and 2 Eskimos.

I hope you enjoy it. All comments are welcomed!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas is coming!

With only 46 sleeps till Christmas, I began breaking out the Winter Village sets. I will most likely need to buy more white plates. It is starting to come together. I will be putting the Toy Shop together soon and buying the Post Office around Black Friday.

Enjoy with more updates to come!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Target Inventory Checker

Hello everyone!

I have added a Target Inventory Checker to the blog.  It is located in the top link section.  I am currently working at adding all of the DPCI numbers so all of the sets can be searched.

It will allow for you to check store inventories online for specific LEGO sets.  I have also added links to each of the sets so a picture can be seen to ensure it is the set you are looking for.